Top 8 ideas To Do On 4/20

1. Go to an amusement park of your choice

Anyone who’s been to Disneyland can tell you that the place really lives up to the hype of the “Happiest Place on Earth.” Nowhere else in America can you see people so overcome with joy and fun in one area. And what better way to appreciate that than by sparking up a big bowl before hitting the park? You probably haven’t lived until you’ve been stoned off your ass and sat on one of the talking benches in Cartoon Town without realizing it was going to yell at you. That’s what Roger Rabbit’s life was like every single day.

2. Find a festival

4/20 may officially be the beginning of the festival season. I don’t know if that’s documented somewhere, but it should be. Look in the local paper, guaranteed there’s a band or twenty performing in a park near you, reggae most likely.

3. Organize

Not your closet, with people. The origin of 4:20 is linked to a group of people in San Rafael, California, circa 1971 who used 4:20 as their meeting time to organize a search for a nearby abandoned cannabis crop they wanted to gank.

Since, 4/20 has become a day of cannabis activism and celebration in places like San Francisco, Boulder and Berkeley. With nearly half the United States enabling medical marijuana and even more decriminalizing small amounts to full-on legalization, cannabis culture is spreading. Keep it moving through your great efforts and support of this amazing plant, and there’ll be even more to puff, puff, pass around.

4. Netflix and Chill

Friday? Half-Baked? Dazed and Confused. PCU. Cheech and Chong. The Big Lebowski. The Doors. Super High Me. Pineapple Express. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Weeds. The list goes on for days. Call in sick, call it a religious observance, do what you gotta do, but post up on the couch with some Grape Ape and a ‘friend’ and watch some stoner flix.

5. Make a Giant Sandwich with 4 Types of Meat and 20 Toppings

Call this one a Scooby Snack after the late cartoon Scooby Doo. The thing is, we all know that Shaggy and Scooby were high all the time. There is not an episode where they were not tripping out of their mind. Always hungry? Check. Always paranoid? Check. Constantly getting lost? Check. Extremely lazy? Check. These two likely hit the dabs a one too many times, and the end results are, well, terrifying, for them at least.

6. Make (And Eat) Edibles

Edibles are key for 4/20. If you’re a regular smoker, rolling a joint or using a bong, pipe or a blunt, is pretty mundane. And for some, it’s already part of their daily routine.

4/20 is different. You’re going to want to consume your cannabis every way humanly possible. Edibles are, without a doubt, the most exciting way. You have the option of making classics like brownies as well as more trendy treats like boba tea or a matcha latte.

 7. Travel to a weed-state

Oregon, Washington, Colorado - marijuana is legal in these places. Buy it ‘kid in a candy-shop’ style (for anyone over 21). Hit the ground shaking, and head-out on a dispensary tour. Some of them have $20 eighths and infused lemonades. Inquire about concentrates and edibles, too!

8. Immerse yourself in cannabis knowledge

Feed your brain. Books like Cannabis Evolution and Ethnobotany, Cannabis Pharmacy, and The Cannabis Health Index are all great resources for learning the ins and outs of humans’ ancient history with this magical plant. As we know it today, our relationship with cannabis is more than 12,000 years strong. This plant is way more than stoner fodder.




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